Are you dying to be odor free?

I hear it on a daily basis. You’ve tried natural deodorants and they just don’t work so you go back to your chemical ridden stick. Some are unaware of the hidden dangers in commercial deodorants. Most of you, however, know that these chemicals are wreaking havoc on your body, but you don’t want to sweat or smell. You are dying to be order free.

This is a list of the toxic ingredients in commercial deodorants and antiperspirants.

·      Aluminum: A metal that is used to stop perspiration. Linked to breast cancer, prostate cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease.

·      Parabens: Synthetic preservatives that disrupt the delicate hormonal balance; leading to early puberty, birth defects, and organ toxicity.

·      Propylene Glycol: Causes damage to the Central Nervous System, liver, and heart

·      Phthalates: Linked to birth defects, disruption of hormone receptors, and cell mutation.

·      Triclosan: Used as an antibacterial. Classified as a pesticide and probable carcinogen.

Scary right? Fear no more. Natural Aloha has the answer! Pit Balm is an all-natural and organic deodorant, which neutralizes bacteria that causes odor. It works all day for men, women, and children. You no longer have to choose between great protection and your health.


written by Dina Kaniho for Hawaii Wellness Magazine