Our Story

Aloha! My name is Dina Kaniho. In August 2013, I became very ill and had varied and inexplicable pain and symptoms. I ended up in the ER four times and had a surgical procedure due to the pain and severe symptoms, which we later found I did not need. I literally thought I was dying and no one could help me. This situation was especially frustrating for me because I have been a Registered Nurse for almost 20 years and I wasn't getting answers. Through the pain and suffering I started researching my symptoms and found that many people with stories like mine were healing themselves through nutrition. I started to take my health into my own hands and cut out all the medication that was being forced on me, and heal myself through nutrition. It was then that I started to actually see what I had always believed to be true; what we put into and onto our bodies, affects how our body functions and how we feel. I removed all chemicals from my home and my life. I started to feel better through nutrition, but the natural products I was using wasn't making the cut. That is when I started creating my own products.  

I first started making Pit Balm because I could not find a natural deodorant on the market that worked. I either reacted to the product, it was too sticky, I had to reapply it, or it plain just didn't work! My Pit Balm recipe has evolved and has been perfected since the personal batch I made, but from the beginning it has always worked. It works for the whole day, without reapplication, even throughout the toughest workouts! My toughest testers were my athletic husband and teenage son. When it worked for them, it was then I knew we had something wonderful on our hands.  

I started selling Pit Balm and Laundry Soap in October 2013 when friends and family started asking for my products by name and talking to their friends about it. Both of the products have become known as the dynamic duo, as both of the products neutralize bacteria and get rid of the toughest odors! Laundry Soap gets that funky smell out of athletic clothing, towels, and pet blankets without the chemicals and overwhelming fragrances. 

 All of the products are items that I created for myself, out of need and necessity, so you know that they are natural and chemical free! I have two scrubs that I created because when I had fallen ill, I could no longer make my pedicure and manicure appointments; not to mention the chemicals that the shops used would make me sick. Thus Homegrown 'Olena Foot Therapy was created. I love 'Olena for its medicinal properties and use it in my meals and tea, daily. Nature Man grows the 'Olena, as well as other medicinal plants, for our family. 'Olena is a root that is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and therefore I incorporated it into my scrub to help alleviate swollen and tired feet. Customers love Homegrown 'Olena so much that they use it as an all over body scrub. I also have a more traditional scrub called Mentha Piperita, and I am currently working on some other scrubs which I can't wait to share! Lastly, I have an aromatherapy spray, Calm and Clarity which is my newest product. It is gaining popularity as people are finding that it really does help calm them with stress and negativity.  

All products are close to my heart and it is just the tip of the iceberg. My products give me a chance to discuss nutrition and lifestyle choices with people, and to continue to help heal people in a different way.