HI Vibration Nation

Natural Aloha was born from my passion to help heal people through natural products, lifestyle choices, and the power of community. All products and gear are close to my heart, designed and created with love.


Last year we introduced our Alohalicious Gear that was inspired by our pucker loving lip balm! Our Alohalicious clothing line was received with much love! We are so grateful and happy that we could put a smile on so many faces with our tees, tanks, towels, hats, and visors! Over the course of two years, Alohalicious has grown from the best lip balm, to our fun loving clothing line, into a lifestyle! Alohalicious has become a way of life for us! #bealohaliciousalways


Sharing Aloha is a high vibration act and we want to spread high vibrations far and wide! In an effort to share and spread loving vibrations throughout our Islands and beyond, we are debuting our HI Vibration Nation t-shirt brand!!! We are super excited to share this with all of you, and to announce that we will be donating a portion of the proceeds to local programs which are in line with our mission to raise the vibrations for our universe! Please share your knowledge with us about any programs, charities, or businesses that provide services that help and nurture people, mother earth, and the universe! At the beginning of each month we will make a donation to our deserving recipient based on the previous months earnings. Please email us at naturalalohahi@gmail.com with your suggestion and include a reason why they are deserving of the donation.


Join my mission to live the Alohalicious way and spread Hi Vibrations throughout Hawaii and beyond! #HiVibrationNation